Welcome, World. As inter-national!

Though we write mostly in Swedish and Norwegian on Gammalkatolsk idédebatt (‘Old Catholic Debate Forum’), we have been blessed with readers from a wide range of countries and languages. A guess is that various services for translation, such as Google translate, gives if not precise versions of our pieces so at least a comprehensive overview.

Anyhow we are very pleased to welcome readers (besides from Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland) from USA, Germany, France, Great Britain, Poland, The Netherlands, Portugal, Ireland, Spain, Namibia, Italy, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Cyprus, Canada, Belgium, Japan, Argentina, Egypt, Eland, Faroe Islands, Mongolia, Hellas, Bolivia, Turkey, Peru, Tunis, Russia, Singapore, Thailand, Cheech Republic, Tanzania, Seychelle, Austria and, also, from “The European Union”.

We take great pleasure in knowing that what we do and put forward is being noticed. Regardless of whether it is appreciated or not we will stand firm in the Christian Faith and Tradition as Orthodox and Catholic. We will continue to deliver texts on culture, society, secularization, legislation, ecclesiology, modernism, relativism, theology and other topics to educate, arm and strengthen people.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us or getting involved. This is after all an idea forum. And who knows – there might be several editions of Gammalkatolsk idédebatt in the future.
– Because we know we’re heading the right direction!

Franciskus Urban
Editor in chief



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