Sin at Synod- In look for new bishops to guard the orthodox faith

Dr. Gavin Ashenden, former Chaplain to the Queen, writes in Anglican Ink:

”At the General Synod of the Church of England two decision were taken which rip the Church from its moorings. They launch it secularised, into a therapy culture from which it has chosen to take its priorities, and from which is craves affirmation.”

Many are those from the Scandinavian countries who can recognize this development and should appreciate what is needed. Dr. Ashenden continues:

”Anglicanism is an episcopal Church, and the betrayal is one that lies at the feet of the bishops of the Church of England, who have preferred social and secular kudos to the sacrifice and integrity of the Gospel, and gone along with the replacement of Christ the Saviour with Jesus-the-fake-therapist.

There must come a new episcopal jurisdiction to whom the faithful can look for comfort, fidelity and leadership […].

Leave the civil servants in their legal offices with responsibility for the upkeep of so many churches that have become museums, and let the faithful look to new bishops who will guard the orthodox faith, offer spiritual nourishment, lead the Christian community in its struggle against the growing anger of the secularists who seek to silence them.”

Well, what about the (Old Catholic) Nordic Catholic Church?

Read the whole piece here.




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