Christians, be awake!

Fr. Geoffrey Neale reflects on the season of Advent:

”Within a few short decades in some countries, the name of Jesus Christ has become a real stumbling block, This name is supposed to cause such offence to people, attempts have been made to remove it from the Christmas. The name Jesus Christ has to be locked-up in the church, because it has no relevance to ordinary people. Students at our universities, once places of free speech and open all truth, have managed to repress the teaching of Jesus in the name of political correctness. This is the name which saints have, and continue to die for, which has enlightened the lives of some of the world’s greatest men and women and inspired some of its greatest achievements is becoming less and less relevant in the secular world. So we ask who was Jesus, why was he called ‘The Lord Christ’ and what do his followers really believe about him?

However Christians have to recognize that the journey of faith is more and more difficult because Jesus Christ still has his enemies. The antagonism towards Jesus Christ in his lifetime is even more vicious today. Church services will be arranged to appeal and entertain, so that professing Christians will be deceived into accepting a counterfeit Christianity. In that real sense, even today, many professing Christians actually have already been deceived by a spirit of antichrist.

Christians, be awake, have strength, courage, and the ability to face uncertainty and intimidation from the world and the evil one. Let the voice of the Holy Spirit enter our hearts and be heard above the insidious voice of the Evil One who seeks to deceive and, lead us away from the real truth that consists in fulfilling the divine will and purpose for us revealed in Jesus Christ.”

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