#lentenneedle – a conversation starter

A violet gem on the jacket to mark the observance of the Christian Lent. We simply call it the #lentenneedle. It holds the potential of being the topic of conversation during the period that runs from Ash Wednesday to Holy Saturday and is devoted to fasting, abstinence, and penitence in commemoration of Christ’s fasting in the wilderness.

The initiative was taken in Sweden this very week and found its way quickly to Norway. The platform where the initiative was first mentioned is “Gammalkatolsk idédebatt” (‘Old Catholic debate’ – a web-based forum and think tank).

– “Is it posfastenål-på-kavajslagsible to reach even further on the Globe?”, asks Franciskus Urban, who is the initiator. And he continues:

– “No, you should not emphasize yourself. Nor the fact that you observe fasting. But what do you do at times when not many (any longer) are aware of their own tradition? Well, you do it in the best possible way. And the needle also becomes a reminder to self to practice humility and love.”

– “Hopefully, the violet #lentenneedle will serve as a eyeopener or starting point for the bearer to tell about the Great Bright Lent and the purpose of preparing oneself for the coming Fest”, says Franciskus Urban who also is a priest in the Nordic Catholic Church and Prior of the Swedish Province of the Order of Port Royal.

Please find the original article in Swedish here: “#fastenål – fastetidens samtalsöppnare




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