Restoration and Renewal of the Undivided Church

During the last week of April, a second Convocation was hosted by the (Old Catholic) Union of Scranton. Bishops and Church leaders from the United States, Canada, Africa and Europe gathered in Scranton (PA) to address common challenges for the Church.

“The Union of Scranton (the Polish National Catholic Church and the Nordic Catholic Church) hosted a second Convocation for Restoration and Renewal of the Undivided Church: Through a renewed Catholicity. This gathering built upon the foundations laid at the first Convocation held in Dublin, Ireland in March of 2018.

the-times-tribune-april-26-2019The purpose of this gathering was to invite selected bishops, mostly from Anglo Catholic Churches in the United States, Canada and Africa, to discuss the preservation and the strengthening of ecumenical catholicity within non-papal aligned traditions. Confronted with the present crisis of faith, the desired goal is to create the foundation blocks for a united witness so that the doctrinal and historical coherence can be saved for the future. It is our conviction that Old Catholicism, based on ”The undivided faith of the first millennium”, stands out as the best platform to address not only the crisis of faith but also the present challenges from aggressive secularism and militant Islam. The Convocation moved forward to recapture the structure, unity and communion of the Church as found in the Church of the first thousand years.

In this call to restoration and catholicity, possible paths for such a restoration were examined with the following presentations given in this order:

Prime Bishop Anthony Mikovsky of the Polish National Catholic Church: Ecclesiology of the Union of Scranton,

Very Rev. Geoffrey Neal (Vicar General of the Nordic Catholic Administration in the United Kingdom): Holy Orders and Apostolic Succession,

Very Rev. Robert M. Nemkovich Jr. of the Polish National Catholic Church moderated a discussion on proposed additions to the document “Requirements for Communion with the Polish National Catholic Church” from the Post Dublin Collaborative working group on Catholic Essentials for Unity.”

Please find the presentations and pictures from the Convocation here:




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