Månad: augusti 2019

Reflections from the ”Christianity in the Trenches” retreat

”There we were, Filmer and I, two young British Squaddies in jeans and t-shirt, with nothing in our pockets but our mobile phones and military IDs surrounded by 6 adults, each ready and prepared with bibles and notepads, most of them wearing giant crosses. We felt so out of place and embarrassed. ”We’ve missed something”, I thought to myself as I looked at their folders. ”Any second now, they’re going to see our empty hands and scoff at us”. Indeed, at that moment, I felt like I was insulting them by being so unprepared. Oh, and if that was bad enough, there, just on cue as if to make our embarrassment complete walked in the Monk, wearing his full, white Cistercian apparel, his head shaven and his beard so mighty, it would make Odin himself weep in jealousy.
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Report from the trenches

The Nordic Catholic Church leaders in the UK organised a weekend that turned out to be an extraordinary and informative experience, quite unlike anything they had imagined. Moreover it revealed a huge demand that may be waiting for honest guidance leadership in the current predicament especially for young Christian people of conscience.
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